Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting

Flos, Davey, and Old School Electric are a few of the designers you'll find in our outdoor lighting range at Holloways of Ludlow.  Bringing light to short winter days, and extending long summer nights, outdoor lighting has become indispensable.

From wall lights, downlights, garden lights and path lights to bulkhead lights and outdoor pendant lights, Holloways of Ludlow can find an outdoor lighting solution that matches any decor, design philosophy or colour you require. We pride ourselves on having a wide selection of exterior lights from brands around the world.

Looking for the perfect outdoor lighting to brighten up your evenings? Look no further than our range of high-quality outdoor lighting brands, including Limehouse, Light Point, Old School Electric, Foscarini, Hunza, Flos, Davey Lighting, and more.

Our selection of outdoor lighting options is unparalleled, with everything from solar garden lights to outside lights, solar lights, outdoor wall lights, outdoor LED lights, and even deckling lights. No matter what your specific lighting needs may be, we've got you covered with our comprehensive range of high-quality outdoor lighting options.

Whether you're looking to create a warm and welcoming ambiance for your guests or simply want to illuminate your outdoor space for safety and security, our outdoor lighting collection has something for everyone. With top-quality brands and a wide variety of options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect outdoor lighting solution for your needs.

So why wait? Browse our selection of outdoor lighting today and discover the perfect way to light up your nights!

What are the benefits of outdoor lighting?

Outdoor lighting offers numerous benefits, including enhanced safety and security, increased curb appeal, extended living spaces, and improved ambiance. Well-placed and thoughtfully designed outdoor lighting fixtures can illuminate pathways, highlight architectural features, deter potential intruders, and create a welcoming atmosphere for outdoor gatherings and activities.

What are the different types of outdoor lighting fixtures available? 

There is a wide range of outdoor lighting fixtures available to suit various purposes and styles. Common options include wall-mounted fixtures, post lights, pathway lights, spotlights, deck or step lights, and string lights. Each type serves a specific function and contributes to the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space.

What are the recommended lighting techniques for specific outdoor areas? 

Different outdoor areas require specific lighting techniques to achieve the desired effect. For example, pathway lighting is ideal for illuminating walkways and ensuring safe navigation, while uplighting can accentuate trees or architectural elements. Deck or step lights provide visibility and safety for outdoor stairs and elevated surfaces. Understanding the recommended lighting techniques for each area helps create a well-lit and visually appealing outdoor environment.

What are the advantages of using LED lights for outdoor lighting?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) lights are highly recommended for outdoor lighting due to several advantages. LED lights are energy-efficient, consuming less electricity and resulting in cost savings. They also have a longer lifespan compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, reducing the frequency of replacements. LED lights are durable, with excellent resistance to shock, vibration, and extreme temperatures. Additionally, LED lights offer a wide range of color options and can be dimmed for customizable lighting effects.

How do I choose the right outdoor lighting for my specific outdoor space?

When selecting outdoor lighting, consider the size and layout of your outdoor space, the intended purpose of the lighting, and the overall design aesthetic. Choose fixtures that blend well with your architectural style and landscape. Pay attention to the brightness level, color temperature, and beam angle to achieve the desired lighting effect. It's also important to ensure that the lighting fixtures are weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use.

What are some tips for energy-efficient outdoor lighting?

To make outdoor lighting more energy-efficient, consider using LED lights, which consume less energy and have a longer lifespan. Install motion sensors or timers to control when the lights are activated, reducing unnecessary energy consumption. Additionally, use low-voltage lighting systems or solar-powered lights to further minimize energy usage and reliance on electrical grids.

How do I properly maintain outdoor lighting fixtures?

Proper maintenance is essential for outdoor lighting fixtures to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Regularly clean the fixtures to remove dirt, debris, and any buildup that may affect the lighting quality. Inspect and replace bulbs as needed. Check for loose connections or wiring issues and address them promptly. It's also recommended to periodically review and adjust the lighting design to accommodate changes in landscaping or outdoor layouts.

Transform your outdoor spaces into captivating realms of light and elevate the ambiance of your exterior areas. Our carefully curated selection of outdoor lighting fixtures encompasses a range of styles, from contemporary to traditional, designed to suit diverse architectural aesthetics. Whether you seek functional lighting or decorative illumination to enhance the beauty of your outdoor landscapes, we have the perfect lighting solutions to meet your needs. From pathway lights and wall sconces to string lights and portable table lamps, our comprehensive assortment offers versatile options that will transform your outdoor setting into a captivating haven, day and night.

Explore our outdoor lighting collection below and let your outdoor spaces shine in their full splendor.

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