Borge Mogensen

Born in Aalborg, Denmark in 1914, Borge Mogensen was one of the most important designers in shaping the Danish Modern movement. Originally starting his career as a cabinetmaker, Mogensen went on to study furniture design and architecture at the Royal Danish Academy under the renowned designer and professor, Kaare Klint. Mogensen developed a deep commitment to Klint’s then revolutionary ideals, and expanded upon them throughout his entire career. In fact, he was so taken by Klint’s highly functional thinking, that he began an almost scientific analysis of the functionality of a piece of furniture by researching contemporary lifestyles.

From engaging in studies to find the standard measures of common household objects so they would fit inside his furniture to creating storage solutions for every thinkable problem in a modern home, Mogensen did it. He was outspoken in his criticism of design that favoured short-sighted trends over real artistic progression, and felt that great design should completely cater to the individual who was using it. Functionality and affordability were his main focus. He exclusively chose to work in refined yet natural materials such as solid oak, natural leather, wool fabrics and brass mountings. To this day, Mogensen’s designs are in demand not only for their beautiful classic mid-century aesthetic, but for their practicality and sheer ease of use

Design Portfolio

2213 Sofa

Conceived of a desire to create the ultimate sofa, Mogensen designed the first 2213 sofa for his own home in 1962. Consisting of clean lines, generous proportions, a choice of luxurious leathers, and oak, this modest yet timeless sofa is second to none. Its flawless execution is thanks to the expert craftsmen who still proudly make this sofa by hand.

Spanish Chair

Launched in 1958 as part of an innovative living space exhibition, Mogensen’s Spanish chair demonstrates his skillful work with solid oak and saddle leather. Inspired by traditional chair-making in Spain where robust leather is used as part of a wood structure, the Spanish chair is considered one of Mogensen’s most celebrated designs. With its suspended leather back and seat intertwined atop a solid oak frame with broad, flat armrests, the Spanish is a model of modern, simple lines, strong construction, and a declarative rustic flair.

Søborg Steel Base Chair

Considered by Mogensen to be his own reflection on international modernism, the Søborg chair fuses his expertise in cabinet making with new techniques in plywood construction to create a simple yet versatile chair that could be manufactured industrially. The ample-sized seat and back have soft, rounded corners that are timeless in their aesthetic, and ensure endless hours of seated comfort. Crafted out of solid wood, they sit atop a slender steel frame that appears at once light yet solid for a distinctly handcrafted yet industrial look.