Old School Electric

Best of British industrial lighting

Inspired by the high standards of Great British manufacturing, Old School Electric creates lighting to reflect and maintain Britain’s industrial design heritage. This is Old School Electric.


First seen at Clerkenwell Design Week 2013, Old School Electric has evolved into a range of quality lighting that draws on industrial early twentieth century designs. Designed and produced in house, Old School Electric is a classically British brand inspired by the Industrial Revolution and the high standards of Great British manufacturing that were prevalent at the turn of the twentieth century. Where possible, Old School Electric products are manufactured in Britain from British made components. From the British-spun steel sourced from Sheffield steel to the electric components from Birmingham, the glass from Scotland to the flex cabling sourced from Surrey, as many of the elements used to create Old School Electric lamps, pendants and luminaires come from up and down the UK.

Image credit: Fiona Duke Interiors

Product Style

Old School Electric lights are made with the highest standards of Great British manufacturing in mind. Although there are certain components that have to be sourced from outside of the UK (although they are constantly working to remedy this), wherever possible, Old School Electric lighting products are manufactured in the British Isles. The brand specialises in traditional, industrial inspired lighting originally seen in factories or warehouses in the early twentieth century onwards. Their collection of versatile lights effortlessly infuse any space with an instant touch of retro charm.

Iconic Designs

Tapered blown glass pendant light – smoked

The Tapered blown glass pendant light – smoked is a handcrafted luminaire with a timeless aesthetic. Suitable for both contemporary and traditional spaces, the pendant shade comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a number of metal finishes and flex colours. Contemporary yet timeless, elegant yet bold, the stunning smoked glass finish of the Tapered blown glass pendant light makes it a perfect addition to hallways, bedrooms and living rooms.

Elongated prismatic pendant lights

Made from high quality glass, the Elongated prismatic pendant lights provide a bright, clean light that is perfect for bathroom, kitchens, hallways, and living spaces. Originally developed in 1890s France, prismatic (or holophane) lighting has the advantage of stopping glare from the bulb while simultaneously providing a high level of illumination. Though rooted in the past, the Elongated prismatic pendant lights is a strikingly modern luminaire with endless appeal.

Bernadotte double wall light

The Bernadotte double wall light was designed to provide the best possible lighting when positioned beside a mirror. A bathroom bracket lamp, the light features a simple ceramic body, twin opal glass shades, an IP44 rating and a timeless design to suit any bathroom. Placed either vertically on each side of a mirror, or horizontally above it, the Bernadotte double wall light provides sublime and stunning illumination.